Klimt Experience

Multimedia Exhibition

The Project

KLIMT EXPERIENCE is a multimedia and immersive exhibition that combines music, digital images, objects, and virtual reality, dedicated to the great artist’s life and works. The itinerary is an emotional storytelling and an incredible human and artistic adventure, which amazes audiences of all ages.


1.200 sq. mtrs.


Kids, Families & Adults




Sale espositive, musei, palazzi storici
Visitors can experience the “Immersive Room” where images and music are simultaneously projected on maxi screens and through video mapping on the walls of the venue. The “Mirror Room” is a kaleidoscope room full of signs and iconic figures projected on the walls, where visitors can have fun looking for their portraits and take selfies.
Setting and lay out of this exhibition, includes a wide corner named “Klimt VR Experience” where visitors, thanks to Oculus VR, can literally plunge into the great Austrian painter’s masterpieces. Last but not least and just before the exit, the exhibition includes an area in which are shown a small collection of objects designed by Klimt, in particular clothes made with the textures and fabrics that Klimt had drawn for his girlfriend Emilie Flöge’s atelier which ends with parallelism between virtual world and real world.


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