Time4Fun, leader of Edutainment Exhibitions in Italy.

About us

Time4Fun first introduced, promoted Edutainment Exhibitions in Italy in 2013. Since many different, emotional and interactive exhibitions have been produced, matching cultural contents with exciting show performances. The visitors may live multisensory experiences that stimulate learning with funny and innovative systems and technologies. In addition the combination of the chosen locations and exhibitions is impressive. Original places never used before were reopened specifically for these events. In 2017 a big and highly challenging occasion occurred. Former military barracks were turned into Guido Reni district, the widest Edutainment Museum in Europe managed by Time4Fun which including: 5 international Exhibitions exposed simultaneously, bars, restaurants, street food booths, security etc. Nowadays Time4Fun is a leader of Edutainment Exhibitions in Italy!

Time4Fun, born as a show business production company, started importing Touring Exhibitions in Italy, which have been shown into original venues most of them ex-industrial plants or warehouses, promoting and developing mainly B2C business. In the last years the company started to produce on its own Exhibitions in various and fully customizable formats, for different kind of venues in place, space and measure adding in its skills, B2B business. Therefore, local promoters may set up Time4Fun’s formats not only in museums, but also in sports halls, disused or renewed venues and theatres, which are perfect for immersive exhibitions, that add emotional and impressive experiences to visitors. In addition, Time4Fun has produced also smaller and simpler formats suitable for shopping malls, to increase attendance. Statistics tell that Edutainment products targeted for families - core visitors of shopping malls - increase average coverage by 5-10%.
Other different and modular formats may be customized on purpose for trade fairs, circuses, zoos, adventure parks and aqua parks. Furthermore, Time4Fun has recently won public biddings focused on the renewal of old museums. 3D and AR technique formats (both software and hardware), has been produced and installed in museums, to make a better description of topics in a modern language very attractive for kids, teens, schoolchildren and families. The mission of Time4Fun is to teach by play, by producing and releasing live, exciting and emotional exhibitions, formats and platforms in order to attract, stun visitors and enlarge attendances also to newcomers.