Body Worlds Experience

The exhibition of the human body

The Project

BODYWORLDS is an exhibition that shows the human body and its complex structure, with the functionalities of the organs and the physiology of the human body.


1.200 sq. mtrs.


Kids, Families & Adults




Sale espositive, musei, palazzi storici
The exhibition is composed by real human bodies as well as organs which have been plastinated, an unique and original technique to keep bodies or part of them solid with polymer treatments, patented by Gunther von Hagens. This technique allows to show separated nervous, cardiovascular, muscular, reproductive systems and original parts such as liver, lungs brain etc. in various artistic installations showing bodies playing basket ball, rather than playing cards or other activities. Common diseases are also described through a comparison between healthy and diseased organs.
Showing the human body it is not the only aim of the exhibition. It is also an opportunity to increase audience’s awareness of human potentials and limits, pushing the visitors with educational videos projected on wide screens, to meditate and focus on health care.


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