The world of Lego® bricks

The Project

BRIKMANIA is one of the largest exhibitions created with Lego® bricks since ever. More than 120 masterpieces built with over 2 million bricks including dioramas, models, sculptures and paintings, made up from real or fantastic topics, both coming from technological or artistic settings, that stun adults and kids.


1.200/1.800 sq. mtrs.


Kids, Families & Adults




Exhibition and Fair centers
The main part of the exhibition, consists in Star Wars models, coming from Wilmer Architutti’s saga collection, who has turned for more than 40 years his passion into a company, LAB: Literally Addicted to Bricks. In addition, there is a “Motor Sport” section, in which are shown the most beautiful and iconic cars followed by“Pirate Universe”, an entire diorama settled in a sea scenario with more than 2000 characters. Last but not least arrives “City Life”, a set up showing an entire city built with bricks.
The goal of BRIKMANIA, to involve children, kids and adults all together, is achieved at the end of the visit with a big Lego® playground full of a large number of bricks, where kids and adults can build, play and enjoy together. A real playtime for families.


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