Da Vinci Alive

The Experience

The Project

“Da Vinci Alive – The Experience”, was created thanks to the cooperation of international experts and the "Leonardo Da Vinci Museum". Visitors have the chance to live an exceptionally interactive experience to understand Leonardo’s life and his immense legacy. The entire range of Da Vinci's discoveries is displayed in the exhibition, allowing a fascinating introspection into the complex and dynamic mind of the Florentine genius, making the visitor fully understand the fundamental scientific and artistic principles.


1.200/1.500 sq. mtrs.


Kids, Teens, Schoolchildren & Adults




Exhibition centers, or Postindustrial locations of medium size and airspace
Leonardo's masterpieces come to life in a symphony of lights, images and sounds thanks to updated technology SENSORY4TM: more than 3000 images and videos are projected in high definition offering an unmissable journey through the creative universe of Leonardo. The exhibition ends with a section in which are described and revalued the many facets of a genius of all times who has been an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor and philosopher.
The whole exhibition is at the same time an exciting, educational and stunning experience which attracts kids, adults and which all schoolchildren and families should attend! Time4Fun has fully promoted the exhibition in Italy including marketing, advertising, management, ticketing etc.


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