Unmissable Marylin

Life of the first star of Hollywood

The Project

The Exhibition UNMISSABLE MARYLIN shows the Hollywood star’s life through the exposition of personal objects from her house in California, beauty accessories, documents, letters and gifts that the actress received from other great movie stars. Furthermore, scripts. film contracts and a gallery of stage and set photographs are shown, to make better understand the talent, the history and the intricate character of the amazing star.


1.000/1.500 sq. mtrs.


Teens & Adults




Exhibition centers, Palace halls
The exposition route of the exhibition describes the portrait of Marilyn Monroe regarding both her professional and private life. She comes out on one side as an intense person, guided by remarkable instinct and pragmatism that allowed her to make independent decisions for her career, but on the other side she come out with an eccentric and controversial attitude towards success, unsuccess and life issues.
This exhibition describes finally clear the personality of Marylin Monroe, especially focusing on her private life to better the reasons of her understand her existential anguish ended with her suicide.


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