French Impressionists

Multimedia Exhibition

The Project

FRENCH IMPRESSIONISTS is both a multimedia exhibition and a virtual museum, dedicated to Impressionists. Visitors are welcomed and plunged into a wide magic box between Monet’s water lily, Cezanne’s landscapes, Degas’ dancers, Manet’s and Renoir’s scenes in Paris, in an immersive way dominated by stunning 3D videos mixed with a soundtrack of main Impressionist composers such as Debussy, Ravel and Satie. It is a very original method to mix sight and hearing which helps a lot to make people appreciate the fantastic and enchanted world of Impressionism.


1.200/1.800 sq. mtrs.


Kids, Teens, Schoolchildren & Adults




Exhibition centres, or Postindustrial locations of medium size and airspace
The location is a black box enlightened only by high-tech projections of images, thanks to SENSORY4TM technology. This gives the opportunity to appreciate in brighter and more intense way, compared to canvas, most of the masterpieces of that important art movement. Degas’ evanescent brushstrokes, Monet’s nuanced colors, Manet’s defined and compact backgrounds, are clearly and majestically shown on screens, walls, pavements, or ceilings, including the magic colors of Van Gogh’s paintings.
The exhibition itinerary, and the soundtrack are specifically studied for this show, bring visitors back to the XIX century in Paris, where a Bohemian creativity and innovation center was bound to change the face of European Art forever. The exhibition halls become a rich and dynamic environment full of lights, colors, music and sounds, as if to bring back to life the great impressionist artists and performers.


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